quarta-feira, janeiro 28, 2009

Love Song

Play With Me

I’d like to be with you, it’s like the only thing I think about
But nerds like me we don’t get ladies yeah we always go without
I was playing Smash Brothers when it was prom night
The last girl I saw was Chinese, she beat me in a street fight
I know I seem standoffish, it appears like I don’t like ya
When all I really wanna do is just Excite ya like a Biker(a)
Wish this was an RPG, I’d change the way I am
You’re a perfect 10 and I know exactly where I stand
Spending hours on a Gamecube, rather be with you
If I’m Weapon X, rejection is my Sabertooth
Basically to me you are a wish still unfulfilled
I’m fragile like a tiny Mario against a Bullet Bill
So I really must refrain, causing hearing No would cause me pain
And to hear me stammer stutter must be driving you insane
Beautiful, intelligent, the woman that I dream about
Scared that if I told ya you would grab my heart and rip it out

Met you at a lan party in my buddy’s garage
Yo I was feeling quite large, the opposite of in charge
Social butterfly until a pretty stranger walks by
Asking me if you needed a CD-Key for Farcry
I started making noises like [stuttering]
Ya giggled, winked, and waved, and said what’s up it’s nice to meet ya
Frankly to be honest you seemed rather out of place
Pretty much the hottest girly that will go up on my MySpace
Looking back I probably should have asked you out right on the spot
But I was regulating heavily on Quake and couldn’t stop
Well at least that’s my excuse
Rather produce a noose and get loose off this boozed up juice
Than deal with another lady telling me that I’m not good enough
If love is just a battlefield I’m happy never suitin’ up
But I can’t resist
Plotting and pondering with those lips, all the ways you kiss

I think I’m starting to get a better lay of the land
You seem to date a lot of assholes, I can be a better man so
I gotta be true, I see me being with you
To get your hand in my hand what does Beefy gotta do?
Seem to see your face like all of the time
Just like Tyler Durden can’t get you out of my mind
So I…some how some way
Gotta believe that you think of me the very same way
And if that’s true how ’bout me and you hook up on a rendezvous
And I can take you for a ride just like Marvel vs. Capcom 2
Might leave me broken like a crack in a disk
But I’m awesome and you’re worth it so I’m taking that risk
So come over to my spot so maybe we can play games
Ya make me feel like Johnny Storm, like I could burst into flames
I’d give ya foot and back rubs every night before you sleep
So just keep that in mind every time you’re thinking of Beef
Game On!

Play with me by Beefy

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